Divide et Impera

The way we’ve cut the lines of communication gives me more concern than anything else about the future of this country. It used to be that if you disagreed with someone’s politics you could still be friends with them. The things we had in common were greater than the things that pulled us apart. Not anymore.

Now we have to watch what we say, because we might make someone mad, lose a friend or a family member, even a spouse, or a job. Dropping a friendship because of disagreement over political candidates is considered such a no-brainer that it’s now considered weird if you stay friends with someone who holds different political views. This only widens the gulf between us. Since few people anymore even know anyone on the other side of politics we become less human to each other, and someone who isn’t fully human is more easily disagreed with…or disposed of. I am already seeing calls for simply killing people of different political views, often as a first resort.

That rarely ends well.

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