Demographic Democracy Declines

Politicians–especially, though certainly not exclusively, Republicans–are focused more and more on serving the interests of corporations and the very rich. They have to be; it requires corporate sponsorship to get elected, and those favors have to be paid off.

As the focus on serving the rich, though, they are focusing on an ever smaller portion of the electorate. Right now, I’d say about 10%. Eventually, the other 90% are going to realize that they’re being screwed. When that happens, corporate-sponsored politicians will no longer be able to win an honest popular election.

What happens then?

My own take is that they’ll try and drive voter participation in the unserved portion of the electorate down to such a low level that they can win with just a few percent of the population. When that fails, the elections will become even less honest than they already are. When the rich and powerful can no longer take control of the seats of power by honest means, they’ll do it dishonestly. Bet on it.

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