The purpose of this blog has shifted somewhat over the years. Originally, I talked about family finance, personal freedom, that sort of thing. Now, I’ve said most of what I have to say about those things and, given the terrible economic and political miasma that pervades the country, I now mostly rail against those things that our political leaders won’t touch.

On a more personal level, my background is in history and I have been observing and commenting on public affairs since I was a teenager. (I remember saying, “But…it doesn’t work that way,” when my parents were seduced by a Reagan presentation on ‘trickle down’ economics in 1980. “But he had charts,” they replied.) My study of military history goes back even further.

This blog is something of an experiment. I’m going to ramble here as I have time and something to say, and I hope that some people may find what I have to say useful or interesting. I don’t have comments enabled here, for various reasons, but anyone is free to email me at robert [at] grumpypundit.com. I may quote you in a future post, so if you don’t want that be sure to say so in your email. I hope to hear from someone other than spammers.

Robert M Brown