A Prediction

I see the future. Gun crime in New York will continue to decline, as it has been nationwide for years, and the Governor will take credit for it, as if reducing the legal magazine capacity of guns from 10 to 7 rounds actually means something.

There were 445 homicides with guns in New York state last year, down 14% from the year before. That represents only 57% of all NY homicides, which by my math means that in 2011 there were 336 people killed by things other than guns (mostly knives).

The most recent detailed numbers I can find, broken down by weapon and state, is from 2009. It shows 779 total homicides for New York in that year, 481 of them committed with firearms. Of those, 8 involved rifles of all descriptions. There were 166 people killed with knives and 23 people killed with bare hands.

So, yeah, good job banning those ‘assault weapons.’ Should make a huge difference.

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