Thinking Point #7: What You Pay For Is What You Get

What we, as a society, want from our domestic security apparatus (the TSA, Homeland Security, the armed forces, etc) is for them to keep us safe, to let us feel secure.

The security apparatus, however, is rewarded when we feel unsafe and insecure. When danger is around every corner, they need bigger budgets and more power to keep us safe.

What we, as a society, want from our healthcare system is for it to keep us healthy.

The healthcare providers, however, are rewarded when we are sick. If you are healthy and never have to go to the doctor, your doctor doesn’t make any money.

See the problem? Imagine if firefighters got paid only when buildings caught on fire.

When there is a disconnect between what society at large wants from an organization, and what actually benefits the organization and its members, society is going to be poorly served by that organization.

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